T. Wheeler (Circle C seller)

 “I’m not sure where we will go from here, and if our paths will cross again, but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you one more time for everything you have done for my family. Some people do their jobs well and float thru life content to make a minimum impact on the lives of others. And then there are people like you and your husband who go out of their way to make a difference in this world, and give everything they have in their jobs to make the world a better place. My family believes there will be a greater reward for the kindness, respect, and compassion you show to everyone you meet and do business with. My wish for you is that each and every client you have recognizes your worth. Our Highest regards and Best wishes for RAIN in Texas.” 

M. Myers(Circle C buyer/seller)

 “Wendy, I am so glad God brought you back into my life- not only are you a wonderful amazing person, but your patience, widsdom and talent as a real estate agent are unreal! Thank you for being you!”

The Lairds (Circle C buyer/seller)

 “Wendy Elder was our agent representing us with both the purchase of our new home as well as the sale of our former home. Wendy truly listened to our needs as a buyer and selected properties that matched.  She has a keen understanding of the markets she represents (in our case Circle C) as well as market timing and identifies opportunities quickly. Wendy was able to provide us an exclusive showing of a home that hadn’t yet been placed on the market.  It turned out to be the exact home we were seeking and we put an offer in that day!  Through Wendy’s experience and her awesome support team, the process went on cruise control from there and closed in 30 days! As our sellers’ agent, Wendy actively and aggressively promoted our home through various social and electronic media as well as by word of mouth weeks before we were scheduled to go on the MLS.  As a result we received an offer on our home BEFORE it went on the market AND got FULL ASKING PRICE! Wendy and her team again supported us through every step of the sales process and we closed on the sale of our home is LESS than 30 days!  Wendy is unquestionably the BEST agent we’ve ever worked with and we with confidence would refer her services to our friends and family and contact her again for representation. “ 

D. Ashmore (South Austin seller)

 “I hired The Elder Home Group to sell my home and I was pleasantly surprised at the professionalism they maintained throughout the process. I was impressed from the start, they were honest about what I could get for my home and always prepared to answer my questions.  Wendy actually prospected and pre-marketed my home before it was even on the market and therefore, resulted in a quick sale. There were no hassles and I would recommend Wendy and Chris to anyone wanting to get their home SOLD fast. Thanks to The Elder Home Group for all your hard work!”

Realtor referral from Houston agent B. Watterson

  “Wendy, you have been FABULOUS in helping me on this project.  I know now why Veronica said you would be her first pick!  I really bragged on you in the ALC meeting on Tuesday and will pass your name along to everyone in our office for possible referrals to you.”